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I would love it to be a decent DAW controller, but that tape video doesn't really fit that idea.

Actually, the pastel coloured lines on the promo page look line tracks or lanes on a DAW... maybe they're releasing a DAW or something more mix focused like the Harrison Mixbus?

Ding Ding Ding!! I noticed those lines and they don’t look like part of the promo image, they look like GUI elements. I’m wondering if it’s a Nagra sized multitrack tape unit with 8- ??? channels of UA IO that utilises their Unison tech to give you all sorts of tape emulations where they’ve even modelled every individual channel of multitrack machines. The tape reel may be endless. Alongside this they may have software that is DAW’ish without being a DAW. A front end similar to Console. You may be able to physically interact with the tape reels in ways that influence the software. This may integrate with the networked cloud audio theories floating around and UAD plugs.

But, who knows...