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so when you export at 32-bit, how are you handling mp3 conversion duties for uploading to spotify and other platforms?
Don't know about Spotify (don't use it), but other platforms allow uploading a WAV file.

Note that the real cause of the problem is having tracks/master over 0 dBFS, not the export format.

Originally Posted by Teej View Post
the one I was actually having completely different bouncing results with was some automation on the Auto Filter plugin. It sounded one distinct way when offline bouncing, and another distinct way when real-time recording.
That's really weird and shouldn't be happening. Can't really think of anything that would cause that. Well, there is one thing I can recall, "Reduced latency when monitoring" with plugins with latency, that could cause the whole Set to sound different in different circumstances.

I'm assuming you know about stuff that add randomness in Auto Filter, like its LFO being free-running when set to Hz.