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Here for the gear

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I have always been able to surmount that challenge.

It's a play now pay later proposition to be sure, but one that also holds the key to overall success.

You see, the music and melodies, if they are making a strong enough statement should tell you what the lyrics are.

All cohesive artistic statements (I hate using that ******' term, but whatever) will suggest parallel statements in other mediums, that is to say, the music it's self is your writing prompt.

I did an entire record (Except for one track) in 2015 that was written like that, I didn't like having to sit down with my "temp" topline, and figure out what the hell was trying to get out,, the HOURS......starin at the page.....staring....staring...nothing....staring....oh look it's nighttime......staring, is it getting light out? Shoot me....staring......THERE IT F$CKING IS!!!!!!!!

But the results were ALWAYS up to my standards, and thematically, I had to stretch out.

I think the BIG PROBLEM....and I believe there is only one problem in songwriting, is people trying to push and shove their way to what THEY WANT.

Usually, it's they want to "Be" this other artist and they will fight the song tooth and nail to try and get it into the coffin after they choke the life out of it.

In my years at this, I've realized that you need to 1. Show the F$ck up, you need to BE THERE with your pen and paper (I'm not into writing on computers) and let the songs swirling around out there know you are open for business. 2. Things will go a lot smoother if you start seeing yourself as a mid-wife and not as God. Let the song be what it is...because if it's any good, it already "is".

I'm not saying write stuff you don't like, (Although the more you can stay the hell out of judgment of any kind until the thing is WRITTEN the better it will be for you) You don't have to jump at every idea just because it's there, it should be a match.

I'm wondering if perhaps you aren't married to a certain theme or even have a concept you are insisting on?

If so, I would ditch it and ask the song what the hell it WANTS to be.

There is so much struggle in songwriting, but anyone who's ever had a hit or sustained success (I have) will tell you, it's the ones that just "Show up" that are MONEY.

In a way, it helps to remember that YOU are the enemy, the more you can take "You" out of the equation the easier and better things get.

For many, however, songwriting is "all about THEM" (I can't stand "selfy" songwriting)...I don't like these types of songs and don't understand them when I hear them, so maybe there's a totally different process going on there.
A real hit songwriter, eh? Thank you so much and I'm honored.
I do have a concept and theme that I'm trying to stick to. That sentence about seeing yourself as a mid-wife rather than God got me really thinking. I won't argue that it isn't true because I've witnessed the same thing with my music (instrumental) along the years. It was always a fight against the ego; believing that X and Y songs were better than people would give credit to. That has toned down recently and I'm gaining more objectivity with each day, but still a long way to go.

However, that is for the instrumentals...without lyrics or vocals. I have no idea how to tone down that ego monster for the lyrics, and let me tell you, that monster screams. I could take a million ideas from my own life, the ups and downs, and especially the life I had prior to my health deterioration. It's almost impossible to imagine this ego being locked up and to take 'me' out of the equation. Not that I couldn't think of and fabricate a story of someone else, but I can't do it with the same passion as you can hear it in the "throw it all away" refrain. That really came from the heart. So where does one start?