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Are you sure? Because Live works internally at 32-bit depth, so 24-bit and 16-bit are never "the same bit depth". Only 32-bit is the same as the sound playing in Live. Normalize has to be off too, for obvious reasons.

Also, Live doesn't clip internally at 0 dBFS (due to being all 32-bit), but the 24-bit and 16-bit export formats do Clip (at 0 dBFS).

(What people hear when cranking audio over 0 dBFS is the DAC converter clipping, outside Live itself)

Resampling, Freeze and Flatten save 32-bit files.

I suspect that's why people get different results, they have tracks or master over 0 dBFS, export in 24-bit or 16-bit format (which will clip at 0 dBFS), then resort to Resampling (which is 32-bit and doesn't clip at 0 dBFS) thinking export has a problem. They could just export 32-bit instead.
thanks for this.

so when you export at 32-bit, how are you handling mp3 conversion duties for uploading to spotify and other platforms?