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Old 9th January 2020
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003 Console with Pro Tools Ultimate 2019

Is anyone using a 003 console with Pro Tools Ultimate 2019 on a Mac? I am a longtime Command 8 user and while I love it for so many reasons, the lack of automation controls is a real bummer. I have tried all of the Eucon control surfaces (S1, S3, S6, Artist Mix, Dock) and the absence of Custom Plugin Mapping, Plugin Focus, Plugin Window, and dedicated A-J Inserts and Sends buttons, etc is pretty much a non-starter for me.

I really want to like the newer control surfaces, but they have lost so many deep Pro Tools features in favor of working with a number of DAWs. Is anyone really buying an S6 to use with Digital Performer or Pyramix? There is a reason (beyond $$) that lots of people are sticking with their ICONs, C24s and Command 8's - they provide super deep hardware integration of the software.

I realized recently the 003 console is really similar to the Command 8, but it actually has automation controls! My question is, does the 003 console work with Pro Tools Ultimate 2019? If so, how do you connect it? Do all the features work? Most importantly, Custom Plugin Mapping and Plugin Focus?