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That's great.
I did a few sessions with Trevor Horn (who I personally think is amazing) right at the height of his powers (late 80's).
We were working on a dance track and he turned on a D50 keyboard, which was brand new at the time and I'd never seen one before.
He started playing some chords over the backing tracking with one of the factory pad presets. It sounded amazing!
It was the whole package, a great song, well produced, Horn's chords and voicings were very nice, and the D50 preset just worked perfectly.
That was a real lesson to me in what was important and what was not important.
That's a great story, Chris!

Horn's output is so consistent. Love the production on some of his work, and the one that stands out (though I'm by no means a massive fan) is the absolutely stellar work on Pet Shop Boy's Introspective.

The production on that is incredible.

I honestly think we sometimes forget round these parts, that at the top level, a lot hinges on workflow, speed, and results, and not authenticity and the need to be wholly original with sounds.

Obviously, some lucky buggers have it all!