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Old 9th January 2020
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I've gone back and forth with modular, at one time proclaiming I couldn't foresee a reason to ever go back to fixed architecture.

But then production and deadline wise, I just don't have the time.

If you're Martin Gore and have time, space and assistance in all your modular and synth noodling, that's different, but if you need to produce, there are limits.

So I focused more on workflow and integration, and now seem to have the perfect balance.

However, I will say when I first took demos for my last album to the boss, he said 'I wish I had more demos of this quality with such attention to sounds' so there is an element of surprise for the uninitiated still, who are stuck in one way of working.

I think balance and doing what's right for your music matters the most.

And yes, I still cringe at presets sometimes, thinking someone will rumble me, but as Chrisso says: the average listener doesn't care.