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Butter covered a lot of options in his post. I guess the questions to ask are: What do you need to randomize? How many simultaneous random streams do you need? That might help to guide your decision.

For me, the answers are lots of things and lots. O_C can give you lots of choices (don’t overlook the bytebeat equations or the strange attractors), whether with the original firmware or Hemisphere Suite firmware, and you can get four separate random outputs at once. You could get the 8hp O_c and have some money and hp left for a small module like Zlob Diode Chaos or maybe Erica Pico Random or Mask (don’t have the last two). If you need lots of slower wobbly random sources, Triple Sloths is great (but not really controllable).

Whatever you get, you’ll probably find you wish you had more and start planning your next random module acquisition.