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My only hope is the arpeggiator and how it makes the MP so special isn't replaced with the basic Arp/Seq they seem to be tacking on most of their new synths. That could really screw up what makes the MP so cool.
The Poly-D's arpeggiator in poly mode seems to function similarly to the Mono/Poly's so there's a good chance they'll replicate the 'cycle through the oscillators with different waveforms and footages' functionality.

To me, what makes the Mono/Poly special is the selective pitch bend of just oscillator 1 by the pitch and mod wheels. Tune the pitch and mod amounts to be a fourth or fifth and put the MG/LFO on a s-l-o-w square wave and you have a nice way to add some variety to a monotonous arpeggiation without having to rekey the notes -- not to mention the Korg irritatingly restarts the arp clock (shared with LFO 1's clock) if you try to rekey the sequence, quite unlike how the Roland Juno arps work. That 'feature' would be the first thing I'd remove if I was making an updated M/P.