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Originally Posted by mattiasnyc View Post
I'm actually not entirely against this as a concept, but I realize the difficulties in implementing it.

In addition to what's said already the question has to be which console to emulate, and to what degree. Because there's going to be a difference between a vintage Neve and a new API or a vintage SSL or any number of others, and since it's all really about adding it all up I think the workload to get that sound is pretty significant. I mean, look at the UAD-2 88RS for example;

Assuming for the sake of argument that it's done "the right way" there's the emulation of

- A gate/expander
- A compressor/limiter
- An EQ
- Cut filters
- Presumably transformers in the circuit

I think that's a pretty tall order if done right, but I also think that slapping one of those on tens of channels will indeed give you a sound. Whether or not it's "enough" or "worth it" or "nice" is a different matter.
A bunch of channels won't emulate a console, you'll get close though. It's the sum of all parts. But pushing an analog SSL board to it's max like a race car, that's something else. Distortion is too complex to emulate. Hey, I'm not against it all, I have plugins. But trying to emulate a console ITB just seems silly to me. Rather use those plugins to create a unique sound than try to mimic a board.