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It's making me more judge-y and self-reflective.

For instance, I just sat through the Daniel Fisher demo of the Wavestate, fine demo, no criticisms there, but what I kept thinking was:

It feels like cheating, synths like the Wavestate that make patterns like that so easily. It feels like cheating. I'd respect it more if done in modular...

I'd probably think - "cool drone-y vibe there, I like that percussive bit", etc, but instead I'm fairly meh, thinking it's just gotten too easy to do now.

I kept thinking... what would really be interesting is to do that on the fly with X modules and no presets, with just a Harmonic Osc and a xyz...

It's ruined me, I think. For the better, probably. You can't unsee some things. And never again can I personally be ok with some super easy to do gear.

The Wavestation makes things too easy, I think.

I like it. And it's creeping me out.

Sounds like you're turning into a an elitist **hole with no real talent to make music anyone wants to hear but yourself. Keep at it champ