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Old 8th January 2020
It does in a way - HEAT. Had it for ages.

But - I don't know about everyone, but I don't WANT console emulation built in (I don't use HEAT, I think I even have the license for it....). Sometimes I use it (Slate), sometimes I don't.

It's very tricky to separate the console "glue" from the other tactile aspects of console workflow, but personally when I'm mixing music I usually find it helpful.

BUT - music is only part of PT's market - I think people who only do music forget the far bigger market is post, and you'd never use console emulation there.

I guess the only thing you could say is why haven't Avid brought out their own version of console emulation? And I guess the answer is there's already a lot of good options and it possibly wouldn't be a cost effective place for them to go.

I can think of many features I'd rather have before Avid console emulation...