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Not just heat, but true core level DSP real-time modeling of industry consoles as it's Mixer. Start a new project, you get prompted what mixer would you like to use ( SSL, Neve, Trident) and others..
What's funny about your propostion is, the designers of those console we all wish PT (or Cubase in my case) emulated were actually busting their asses to push the technical ability of the components they had available at the time to try and make their large format console mixers sound as clean and perfect as a DAW's digital mixer. How back to front is that!

Obviously they failed, and those inaccuracies of the analog paths are what we revere today.

There's a thread on Gearslutz where one of the original designers at SSL said their dream desk at the time of designing the SSL series of desks would of been the Sony Oxford digital desk, he thought the Sony Oxford EQ was a true work of art - in a way he's right.

Funny how things get turnaround and mixed up (if you excuse the pun :-)