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Old 7th January 2020
Here for the gear

Thanks for the help. I was actually starting to think about ways to map the VST's themselves but it seems so unnecessarily complicated - the tracks (even when blank) clearly exist and you can create midi clips, enter midi notes, etc but it doesn't show up in the mixer window at all when blank .

Though if I create a blank audio track the appropriate mixer fader appears no problem.

I've been 'replacing' the vst with another but I tried the 'keep' option so both old and new ones are there - same problem; I have to still re-map to the new one.

I don't actually do a lot of vst-switching anyway so can live with any re-mapping required but it would be nice to fix the problem anyway (if it's possible). I'll do a little more testing and experimentation along the lines you suggest.

I appreciate your efforts.