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MIDI controller behaving strangely

Hello folks! I'm kinda new here, so first of all warm greetings to all of you

But straight to the point - I've recently switched to Ableton (from Reaper), because I started incorporating more and more MIDI synths into my live performances. Everything has been working perfectly fine until the day my Arturia Keylab 61 started behaving strangely. It seems like a fragment of the keyboard does not respond (usually notes from A# to C#). First I thought that the midi controller was broken, but I've checked it in Reaper and in turned out that the controller itself works properly. I've checked once again in Ableton and noticed that in the upper right corner different controls light up while playing the keys that work, and those that remain silent. I am attaching a photo of that, in case it helps!

Can anybody tell me what happened? I'm totally lost and can't even google this issue...
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