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Old 7th January 2020
2 most common questions in my studio- 1) Can I show you a song on my phone? and 2) Do you have a cowbell? Solved both of those problems today.

TL;DR- The Kali MV-BT is working well after about 4 hours of use. I was concerned whether it would work for me since I use Sonarworks room correction software. Of course I didn't think of that until right after I completed my order. Anyway here's how I solved it-

Thankfully, I have lots of inputs on my setup, so I'm sending this box to 2 line inputs on preamps that hardly ever get used and it sounds pretty damn good streaming from my phone. I loaded in Sample Magic A/B and did a comparisons using various songs. Ended up boosting the line inputs 2 clicks on the preamp (stepped) and that got the level consistent with the same song loaded into Sample Magic A/B. Also compared through Youtube and coming from there, there was a significant reduction in volume compared to the original song file, which I expected but it was awesome to be able to quickly compared vs. the phone.

I have 2 complaints so far. #1 it's mildly annoying that it doesn't have a power switch since it has a bright blue light, so I've either gotta unplug the wall wart or pull it out of the unit every time I want to power it down. My other complaint is that I had some issues just jumping to different albums from my iTunes library. The new song would start playing but no signal came through the Kali until I paused and unpaused. That seems to fix it every time, but kind of annoying. Not sure if that's an iTunes problem, or the MV-BT. Still I it's less annoying than me stretching a cable across the room. I expect this should come in handy.