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Old 7th January 2020
Here for the gear

Thanks for the reply.

I can create an 8-track template containing empty instrument tracks but the mixer controls don't show in the console, only the main master fader is there. So there's nothing on-screen to map the Midimix to.

However, if I then add a vst to a track then the mixer control appears and I can map it. It's like adding an instrument suddenly makes the track 'exist', even though it's there in the main window.

Once I've pre-assigned an instrument to each track I can then map the controller.

I map using the 'External Devices', right-click on the Midimix name, 'Edit' then 'MIDI Learn' in the box and the hardware controls all appear there no problem. I right-click on the appropriate channel fader and use the 'Assign to' function to map the hardware. No problems there. Saves and reloads the song just fine.

...but when I change ANY instrument for another..bang goes the link to the Midimix, though it's still linked up and working in the Global midi box. Only the fader in the console is disconnected each time. As a test, I mapped the 8 knobs on my M-Audio Axiom 32 to the faders too and they also vanish when changing instruments, so it seems to be the fault of S1.

I use Reaper too and that lets you create a blank track, map midi volume, pan, etc and they stay working even if you change the tracks contents - just wish S1 would do it too! Tried it with both v2.5 and 3.5 and same problem.