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Old 6th January 2020
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The OP implied that he is charging the band for producing. I would assume this means he is charging them more than his standard studio rate, for his guidance, expertise and extra work. For the responsibility he is taking for delivering a finished product and not just X amount of hours.

I have always considered the extra expense charged for Producing to be "motivational" (in the same way that psychoanalysts say the fee is part of the therapy). That is, they should be looking at their bank account and thinking "we are paying this guy for his advice- we had better listen to him." If the band thinks they know better, why are the paying more than just the hourly rate?

That's why this band strikes me as so weird. Or the deal is weird. If the band is not paying extra, they will feel much freer to to disregard the producer's direction. If they are paying extra and they are unwilling to accept advice, then they truly are not worth a second thought, IMO. Do the engineering (and remove your producer credit) and pocket that extra cash as a fee for your pain.