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does any engineer/producer in 2019 have enough work that they can afford to turn down work??? prolly not

A good producer can make any band ready, especially with a DAW at hand.
I do have plenty of work; I treat what I do as an art and a craft. And I have refused clients who treated it as a joke. Producer/musician disagreements are common. It's part of the creative process, and both sides should be prepared to listen to alternative viewpoints.

If sloppy vocals doubles are part of their sound, fine, I can roll with that. But if it isn't, and they even aren't far enough along musically to even tell their performance is sloppy, and are adamant that inferior results are 'good enough', then I'm willing to step out and let them work with someone else producing.

As I mentioned, I would be willing to do hired gun work tracking and mixing, but I know when to step back as producer if they aren't willing to accept or even discuss my advice.

This is just my own view, I wouldn't expect anyone else to have it. If the 'bills need to be paid' mentality is driving your artistic decisions, that's your own call.