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Had the APS Klasik the exchange my Dynaudio Bm5a (mk1).

APS are very revealing and detailed, they remind me of my Focal Spirit Headphones, where you can easily hear every distortion or noise. But after a while I find ears get tired to listen to them faster. While on the Dynaudio I can work for hours without the need of a break.

The dynaudio also sound far more musical and inspiring, while revealing less details in the mid-high area, they make me work better. So after one year of using the Klasiks, the good old Bm5a again sit on my main-desk.

I use one Klasik Monitor for Mono-Checks, suprisingly. Everything mixed on the Dyns sound also good on them. But not the other way around!

Since bass is a little bit problematic on the dynaudio, they dont get low enough for techno music. I have got a Eve Audio Subwoofer TS 107, best decision ever made. The sub is incredible.