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Thank Shobud and Davet. To the others you obviously have no personal experience with my question so why bother answering?
Because (many of) the others did, in fact, answer your question. You just didn’t seem to take on board the answers.

For a venue where bands play, the normal situation in the US and UK is for the venue to pay a flat fee to the performing rights organisations (ASCAP, BMI, PRS, whoever) to cover all their music usage (live or recorded). This flat fee may range from a few hundred dollars/pounds to several thousand per year, depending on the type and capacity of the venue, but it’s still a flat fee, not per song. There may also be times when a venue makes an additional rights payment relating to significant or major events/gigs/whatever, but, again, it’s usually a single charge, not per song.

For sync usage in movie/video or to release your own version of someone’s song, you typically need to contact whoever owns the rights to it and negotiate a deal yourself and this will usually be on a per song basis. The rights holder can charge whatever they want for that - whether a mere pittance or many thousands of dollars.

(Actually, to record/release your own cover version of someone else’s song in the US, there may be an easier and more reasonably-priced way to clear it through the Harry Fox Agency, but only if the song you want is available on there. Otherwise you’re back to negotiating with the rights holders directly. And there is no equivalent of Harry Fox in the UK.)

I think that sums most of it up. Unless something has changed in the last few years - I haven’t looked into any of it for a while.

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