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Old 5th January 2020
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Nobody, to my knowledge, pays "per song."
Movies do. An example, back in the day, if you wanted to sing 'Happy birthday', you had to pay a royalty fee and that fee was what ever they wanted to charge you at that time. It can change minute by minute. They could have asked for $100 or $100,000. There are no set prices. Now happy birthday is open domain, but when it wasn't, they charged what they felt like and they did. It made over $84,000,000 in royalty fee's

So asking such a question is unanswerable. You have to ask the person who holds the copyright and/or in charge of the royalties and that person can charge you what ever they feel like. Its theirs to do what they want with it and you can either pay or refuse, but they can ask for anything. So There Are No Set Prices