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I wonder if you could use a removable panel, with small set controls behind it, to pre-set the amp to your desired tone, then cover it up and only use the one volume knob, make it look stealth.

Since every player has different settings. Just an idea I think could work.
Bingo! and the prize goes to monkeyxxc! Yeah you hit the nail on the head. The need for a lot of features is all about different players with different guitars and what convinces people to suspend fear of buyer's remorse on the salesroom floor. Back in the 80s Engl made a Tube amp with servo controlled controls (actually VCF and VCO circuits but tube amplifcation) so a musician could setup several patches of a nearly infinite combination of settings and almost everyone loved the idea 'cuz you just sensed you could fit any situation but the truth was, besides being noisy af, unless you were in a wide ranging cover band, it really wasn't very useful. Add to that it seems like we get one of two choices, either something that does a lot of stuff pretty OK or stuff that does one thing really great.

Originally Posted by monkeyxx View Post
I forgot to mention that speaker cabinets need different EQ, as well as different guitars, think you mentioned that already. If you have both of those things decided on I don't see why you couldn't stick with the same EQ settings for a long time, like you said.
While EQ can't possibly make one speaker sound like another it is certainly true that different EQ is needed for different speakers and by different players.

Your idea of a hidden panel would certainly work and I've seen some electronics that just use pots with recessed screwdriver-slotted shafts (no knobs) so you can't accidentally alter a setting. You have to really want to alter one or any. The way I designed the Silvertone amp of mine was sorta like that. I used variable resistors and variable caps in the signal path and tuned each stage for voicing bearing in mind that it seems best to emphasize highs early in gain staging and progressively get bassier further "up the line".

Little by little each stage got locked in voice-wise and all it needed was to control gain and recover at the FX Loop Return which also acted something like a Master Volume even though it , too was actually a gain stage. Since then I've thought of inserting a negative feedback control to affect damping factor and headroom but I just can't bear to give up how open it sounds with none. If I need more headroom, I just use a more powerful amp.