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What I learned from Joe's question and the follow-up work I did with Volume control only amp design, is that if you voice the amp in a fixed manner to please your ear and your common choices in guitars as well as music genre (or "your sound") size doesn't matter other than 1) How much headroom you need for a given size venue, and the reverse, 2) at what point is the onset of overdrive.

This means one of two things. Either one needs the same essential preamp, including effects pedals, with a variety of power sections, or 2) just one amp that is mic'd up for both FOH and monitor mix.

Most musicians I know use extremely close to the same settings pretty much all the time, at the very least with a given guitar. The only control that changes much is Volume. Some guys, usually the more instinctive, less tech savvy, get so locked into some set of numbers, they will start with those numbers on any amp they plug into.

Ultimately IMHO electric guitar implies an amplifier. The guitar is incomplete as an instrument until an amp is included. If it is voiced in a way that complements the guitar in a manner that pleases you, you really don't need much to adapt to a venue or even a particular song. Plus, the more complex the signal chain, the less important each component is and the more muffled and generic the results are. Having a simple, known good, with just a little room for effects "spice" is of huge benefit to most players.
I wonder if you could use a removable panel, with small set controls behind it, to pre-set the amp to your desired tone, then cover it up and only use the one volume knob, make it look stealth.

Since every player has different settings. Just an idea I think could work.

I forgot to mention that speaker cabinets need different EQ, as well as different guitars, think you mentioned that already. If you have both of those things decided on I don't see why you couldn't stick with the same EQ settings for a long time, like you said.