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the chorus has a more suitable melody for the song, but the lyrics are straight cliché. I can't add or remove any syllables without completely altering the mood and rhythmic motif of the song and I don't want to change up the chords just to fit something new (for the same reason). Did I just shoot myself in the foot? What method would you use in this scenario?
I tend to start with melody, then obvious cliche lyrics (whatever first comes, to get the ball rolling, for me its important to keep moving and not get stuck till the whole thing is mapped out), then the process of going in and making all the lines and words cool (which is by far the longest and most difficult part of the process).

You're doing the first two steps. Try taking the third step.

For example the first lines of this song. . .

. . started super generic, I just wanted to get the general idea down as quickly as possible in a way that worked with the melody.

ok let's break up
its not what I want
i thought you were the one
but i was clearly wrong

Then I went in to make it feel cool to me

10-4 its a stop
yeah it ain't what I want
I thought we were a lock
but i was clearly wrong

Those few changes take it from cliche and old sounding, to fresh and in line with how I actually talk. But I don't get hung up on "oh no that's cliche" the first pass where I'm trying to get the idea out while I still have the initial spark. I get the general idea down with as many cliches and bad lines as necessary to get the general idea out of me, and then make it my own in an editing phase that comes later.