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Ive heard of ASCAP employees going to bars and sitting for an entire set and they write each song the band plays and then take legal action
About ten years ago, a SESAC spy came through with the county fair. He was a carny. Made notes on all local clubs, and months later, one of them actually closed because of the fines.

It's my understanding that technically, the bands playing the music are actually suppose to be paying the fees, but bands are very difficult to track and fine, so they go after the brick and morter.

It's unfortunate, because from what I understand about this racket, most of the artists whose covers are played in clubs don't see a penny of the money that performance rights orgs collect. That money goes into the pockets of the PRO's, and to a small group of the most successful artists.

Clubs don't pay per song. Although they could track every song and pay per song, that would be nearly impossible. Instead, they buy a “blanket license.”

We played one gig for club that got hit with fines and stopped having live music, and we did an entire night of original music so they wouldn't be liable for fees. An ASCAP official told them that even if we play all originals, the club owner has to pay fees so that ASCAP can distribute the money to the persons in our band who wrote the songs. That's a laugh.