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Changing BPM of Audio in Ableton

Hey guys! I'm pretty new to Ableton and also only just started producing, I used Logic for a little bit but then my Mac had wine spilt over it

Anyway, as you can see in the step by step photos, i'm trying to change the bpm of some audio.

I'm producing a Liquid DnB track at 174bpm, therefore I would like the vocals at half the speed (87bpm). When I change the bpm to 87 it actually makes the audio file smaller when surely it should be larger if its slowing the tempo down?

I'm not sure if it shows my photos in order but if they're not then this is what i've done (if you can see the file name it helps, not sure if you can as i'm new to this forum) :-

Shown overall BPM of track
Shown BPM of the audio file when I click on it
Audio file size
Changed BPM
New audio file size

It doesn't sound right either. I'm probably doing omething really stupid, but can anyone point me in the right direction as to how I do this correctly?

Kind Regards
Cheezy1 X
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