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An Ornament and Crime will add a bunch of functionality to your existing setup, even if you eventually decide to use it for other purposes than its randomizing bitties.
One of the modes is like 4 Turing Machines (clever ASRs) and it also has epic quantizer functionality built in - a quantizer is pretty vital for fiddling with random pitch stuff so you'd probably want to add one anyway if you went with any of the other options.
Original Turing machines are awesome, especially with few of the expanders attached - and slightly more WYSIWYG than the o_C implementation, so a Turing still be worth looking into if you like what the o_C does. Oh, and as its not so one-knob-per-function, going for one of the micro versions of the Ornament isn't a bad idea.... there also an o_C +(?) out there now... can't remember what exactly its called, but IIRC has some built in attenuators or something that I'd look into in more detail were I in the market for a third one.
Going through a bit of a love affair with SSF at the moment, so don't have anything bad to say about the URA, but again ...quantizer.
On the cheaper end the Doepfer 149 and expander is also fun, as well as just some good old S&H.
TNRS Tuesday is a fantastic pitch generator too.
On the more random modulation side as opposed to pitch, would be wrong not to mention the Wogglebug (or Erica swamp) and of course triple sloths.

Depends also what you mean by randomization, your mention of ASRs meant the above is focussed on pitch, but can also be applied to trigs or gates - and some of the above will give you some of those also. For those kind of things, "probabilty" seems to work better than just "random", so things like mutable branches are fun for that, or if you like the o_C the temps utile partners well. Things like Mutable grids, Numeric/Zularic repetitors or other euclidean sequencers also work, and while not exactly random, modulating them can get you pretty close for the unpredictable, but controlled thing... Going along that path, you also get into logic modules where again although they are decidedly not random, they can give a lot of surprising variation especially if you chain them.

Befaco muxslicer gets pretty weird sometimes too as well as the earlier sampling modulator, although I guess they aren't actually very random themselves, but like to be fed random.

Marbles is like a meta-patch in one module combining the functionality of a lot of the above. Seems pretty cool, but mine is broken so no first hand comments.

Go buy them all. lol

(edit - got into a bit of a brain dump there, don't mean to bury the fact that my starting "first, o_C !" response is the important bit)