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Any reason for preferring the 6060 over the 4060? Other than size? Or is that the big reason?
Significantly reduced size and an expectation of an acceptably similar high-quality sound were the primary drivers for my purchase.

I recall having to wait several months for the DPA 6060 CORE lavs - and was told by my supplier that my 4060 CORE would sound better because of its larger size. So I was a little concerned with how much I would be able to use them, but that prediction turned out to be totally wrong for me. . .and the improvements promised by DPA were spot on for me.

I only ever run lavs now across Audio Limited A10 [and never use MicroDot cables]. The A10 receivers are sometimes running into a MixPre 6, sometimes into a Pro Tools MTRX [Digital Audio Denmark]. I can't speak to other environments.

However, in that system, my 6060 CORE lavs sound a bit more clear to me in just about every configuration I've tried [exposed or under clothes, chest or hairline, plants, etc.] and they retain that expectedly low noise floor.

While they all sound like DPA mics, the differences struck me as significant. Some of this may be associated with the extra flexibility in placement [not quite so smashed up against their surroundings]. Still, I actually like them better even out in the open. . .but that delta is smaller and the preference is just personal taste.

We've a lot of humidity down here [Tampa Bay Area, FL] and some sound engineers have reported better luck with the 6060 CORE [compared to the 4060 CORE] in similar circumstances. I've not had humidity issues [rain, or people sweating] with either.

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