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Why Does't Pro Tools have Console Emulation -baked in??

Just a thought.. It's the year of our Lord 2020, and this question has been rolling inside of my head for the last 4 years or so. maybe longer.

But, Why hasn't Avid ( Digidesign) baked-in ( coded) console emulations into its Mixer?

Today, we all kinds of software plugins that attempt "the console" 3rd order harmonic distortion to add the ( mojo ) to a mix. However, very few DAW manufacturers have delved into the realm of actually coding ( at the core level) Console emulations. I think Presonus Studio One( Soft Tube) and Harrison ( Mix Bus) come to mind. My "old" trusty Ensoniq PARIS Also had console emulation baked in.

But, what hasn't Pro Tools? I'll admit to anyone that I'm still not comfortable mixing in the box with Pro Tools. As I've never understood it's handling of Gain structure. Or lack thereof.

I think that should be the next mountain to climb tech that Avid should add ( Console Emulation) to application know as Pro Tools.

What are your thoughts on this? Thanks..

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