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Let me get this straight: I am absolutely not opposed to iso cabs. I lusted after a Demeter/Randall one for quite a while, but wanted more flexibility (it was only 1x12 and getting in two mics would've been problematic already), so I built my own. Which was great but wouldn't have worked in my appartment at all due to the size, so I had to place it in my "music refuge" (that, fwiw the landlord unfortunately claimed back for personal usage around 1.5 years ago, but 2020 will be the year to find a new one), which was kind of a contradiction because volume was no issue there.

Anyhow, these days, if you really feel like having to record a real amp (which I could perfectly understand, I might even do that later this year myself, even if it was just because I can) at bedroom levels, I think a reactive load and IRs (or one of the boxes combining them, such as the Suhr one, the UAD Ox, the Boss Waza Tube amp Expander, the various Two Notes offerings, etc.) are the way to go. Without much options to fool around with multiple mics and positions, an iso cab IMO will quickly become a very limited solution - and even if you manage to finetune that one sound you can get out of it, I would almost take a bet that even some hard core purists would have a tough time to tell whether it's the real deal or an IR of the same cab/mic captured.
I happen to agree that the solutions you mention are quite valid and very useful for some. There are players who don't wish to embrace yet another major learning curve and just want to be able to record what they already get. Joe Walsh once asked me why amp designers can't build an amp that sounds amazing and just has one Volume control to get louder. to suit the venue.

I told him that's possible to some degree but for the ultimate source and ultimate destination, that different players define "amazing" differently and different guitars/pups (not to mention speakers) are part of the equation. Basically I'd almost have to build an amp for each guitar. However his question was the motivation for my Silvertone that just has two Volume controls though and it does sound quite great with many guitars, just not all of them.

I bet Joe would love it but I haven't spoken with him in over a decade and really I wouldn't want to approach him with just a prototype and I kinda suck at cosmetics. I'm a nuts and bolts kinda guy.