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You know, this is all fine and dandy (and using a kick drum case does add some "flavour"), but there's *no way* this is bedroom/latenite compatible, simply because there's not enough wall thickness to isolate any lower frequencies enough.
I know this because I've been through the process. It's all fine during daytime but in case you really want to be able to record at any time of the day, this will not work. And yes, that's a matter of physics, lower frequencies just need thick isolation. For this very reason, my own attempt went *way, way, way* larger than what I'd originally thought.
Yeah I didn't expect this would suit every person in every environment. The thinner your walls and the nastier one's neighbors the greater the risk, however he did post at the very end that it was roughly like "loud conversation" in the room.

If we assume even 75db, VERY loud conversation short of yelling, any 4 inch thick concrete or insulated sheet rock wall should mitigate that to substantially less than normal conversation levels. That's still not OK at 3AM but just slightly more complex isocabs on YT and in the above mentioned "Success" thread demonstrate quite cheap solutions where testing with wireless guitar and actually going to the neighbors reveal it inaudible.

So isocabs CAN be a valid, cheap solution depending just a wee bit on environment and budget. In the above linked video I thought the recorded tone was quite good for a "loud conversation" level in the room and the box itself was not even isolated at all.