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I don't know how much this will be witnessed now that there are so many Amps vs/ Sims threads nor why I didn't bother to search much before and post some really cheap but effective isocabs but there are lots of them, including a thread right here on GS about "Isocab Success Stories". Anyway this one is ultra cheap and though I would employ more mass, like sheet rock, even this seems quite effective, accessible and cheap.

You know, this is all fine and dandy (and using a kick drum case does add some "flavour"), but there's *no way* this is bedroom/latenite compatible, simply because there's not enough wall thickness to isolate any lower frequencies enough.
I know this because I've been through the process. It's all fine during daytime but in case you really want to be able to record at any time of the day, this will not work. And yes, that's a matter of physics, lower frequencies just need thick isolation. For this very reason, my own attempt went *way, way, way* larger than what I'd originally thought.