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Another couple of clues:

1) The nameplate says "rack panel", not "amplifier" or "monitor". The stock number doesn't tell us anything, because while RCA sold blank panels for their racks, they never wasted space on them in their catalogs.

2) The RCA logo is an older-style one, from the tube era. By the 1970s, RCA was using three san-serif outline letters as their logo... with no circle or lightning bolt.

3) Gadgets on the right of the panel -- fuse, switch, light -- aren't mounted on the panel itself. They're mounted on the chassis and show through holes drilled in the thicker panel. I can't imaging any industrial designer, let alone one at RCA, doing something that way.

My hypothesis: a station engineer took a spare RCA panel and mounted a chassis-only amp, of some other brand, on it. The front panel labels could be decals or rub-on letters (common in that day), or maybe when they had a sheet-metal shop do the drilling, they had it silkscreened.