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My current setup includes: Mutable Instruments Braids, Subconscious Communications Model 52 Vampire, Super Synthesis dual VCF, Noise Engineering BIA, SSF Entity Percussion Synthesizer, Industrial Music Electronics Stillson Hammer Mk II, 4MS QCD, Mutable Instruments Yarns, SSF Quantum Rainbow 2, and Intellijel Quad VCA.

I'm looking into getting a randomizing module, but I'm torn between the Verbos Random Sampling, Mutable Instruments Marbles, and the SSF Ultra Random Analog. I'm leaning toward the Verbos Random Sampling due to its Analog Shift Register, but I would like to hear from others who own these modules and am open to other random modules I may not be aware of. I will admit my knowledge about randomizing modules is still somewhat limited, and I'm not sure if there are several overlaps between these three modules or if they are each significantly different.
Marbles also has a shift register and a quantizer ... it's a very "musical" module if you use it that way.