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So we just got our first new Mac Pro 2019 and a new Avid HDX card for it at the studio. After trying to communicate with Avid and Mac, and a ton of other vendors, it turns out this is the reality right now:

We can't even believe this is the case, after spending a ton of resources on the new Mac Pro it's sitting in a corner as we have to use a 2012 Cheesegrater to keep working.

Is anyone getting the HDX to work in the new 2019 Mac Pro Tower?

PCIe 1&2, 3&4 are 16x lane with 8 pin connectors for 300w ancillary power supply.

Slots 5&6 are 6 pin ancillary power @75w. Slot 5 is 16x lane, slot 5 is 8x lane. Don't know about putting UAD Octo cards in the rest either.

We can't even get through to UAD and Avid is like trying to talk to the federal government. Customer service is sinking like a stone with these companies when it comes to getting a real tech on the phone. So bad. Please LMK if anyone has any luck, Thanks!

That has been a reality of Avid/Digidesign for decades. The term 'unsupported' doesn't mean "won't work". It simply reflects the configurations Avid have tested. Blue interfaces with PT11 and beyond is unsupported. HDX with some recent versions of PT running on 5,1 Mac Pros is unsupported. Blue Sync HD interfaces instead of a the newer grey ones is unsupported. The Command 8 has been unsupported since PT10...

It all still works though, just fine. I would hazard a guess that the vast majority of PT users are running something that is officially 'unsupported' just fine! Perhaps reach out to Octatonic and Co to see if they have any input. They have been reliable, levelheaded contributors over at the DUC for more than a decade.

Just to check, have you installed the 2019.12 HD Driver? and have you tried running Digitest to see what it shows? A PRAM reset after installing the HD Driver can help if HDX isn't appearing, but I would definitely try the Belkin aux power kit that is being recommended by HDX users running a nMP.