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Old 4th January 2020
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M-Audio Nova or Sterling T-51 repair and Schematic?

Hi guys. So i picked up Condenser Microphone online from guitar center. Bought xlr cable, hooked it up to audio interface with 48v phantom power and mic is barely working. XLR cable is new but i paid $5 for it. Maybe it's a cable but doubt it. It moved cable around and no changes in noise or anything. The mic inside looks like new and unmolested from any mods.

It's picking up audio but it's like 5-10% of what it should and gain is on 100% and white noise is huge as gain is so high. It is also making high pitch "oscillation noise".

So basically something in circuit is not working. It's actually very good mic. First production was in 2004 so around that time is the date of manufacturer, so it's ~ 15 yrs old. I know electrolytic capacitors go out somewhere around ~20 yrs?

I looked for schematic but i can't find it anywhere. Any idea where should i start with my DMM? Is this worth the hassle or should i return it?

I can probably replace every single part when i order from mouser and it will be less then $10 as most of the time those caps are like 0.30$. Bad Transformer? Thoughts?

Circuit seems simple with not a lot of parts so i'm wondering if there something obvious i can check with DMM?

I can't find anything below $100 that's it's decent. This has same response curve as $300 Rode NT1 circuit and arguably is it's clone and definitely sound like it when check it out on youtube.

What does that gold coating on back of the mic do? Mine is gone but membrane is fine.

This is same circuit as Sterling St-55 mic

Anyone has schematic for this mic ?

Should i upgrade this circuit?

Here is few pics of the circuit. Any help where to start or any advice would be greatly appreciated.