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Old 3rd January 2020
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Questions on Building a TL074 OPAmp Line Mixer

I want to build to build a very small line mixer for a bunch of synths.

Synth DIY Guy has a YouTube for building a dual Mixer with a TL074 OPAmp. Looks pretty simple and seems to sound OK. Search YouTube for Building a dual Mixer with OTTO's DIY (I tried to copy and paste the link but can't make the copy/paste work).

A couple of questions I am hoping you can help me with:

1. Does anyone know if there is a limit to then number of input you can have? I am thinking between 8 and 12.

2. Could I put a switch right after the 10k Pot and either before or after the 100k resistor that would temporarily divert the audio from the synth to a second output. This output would be connected to an RC505 looper.

3. If someone has a better suggestion for a line mixer, please let me know.