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Old 3rd January 2020
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i dont know. the m32 is quite a limited module. and personally i would not expand it at all. since its not gonna b worth it.

but its a single osc. so get another osc. its also only square or saw waveform. (get any other osc)

lfo is only 2 waveforms too. (get a doepfer a147-2)

env is A/D and on/off sustain. no adjustable release. (get another env any adsr one)

BUT what i would get first is a quad attenuator. a mixer or 2, and then a vca or 2 and then a mult or 2. also the filter might become boring. get a wild exotic one, or a multimode one.

i would get none of those from ajh though, even though i have 3 of their oscs. i would get cheaper stuff like doepfer.