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Old 3rd January 2020
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Ridiculous. Avid is just a constant pain that you should kick to the curb.

I divorced Avid last year and it was a great decision.
Sold ALL of my avid gear including DCommand, HD IO interfaces etc and ditched them completely.

Went with UA Apollo X, the sound quality is as every bit as good as the HD IO, monitoring is great (though you appear to have an AWS which is a great monitoring option), and don't miss anything about what HDX (or HD Native) could do to be honest. If you already have an existing UA plugin investment, you can transition without much pain, and can track with UA plugins with no latency concerns - no problem, and rock solid stable in my experience.

Sell your UAD cards, your Avid interfaces, and return the HDX card and get as many Apollo 16X's as you need to cover both your IO and UAD DSP. No need for PCIe cards, and you'll likely end up with money back in your pocket. In fact Apollo16X is about the same price as the HDX card, so you're already off to a good start.

I also left ProTools completely (now using S1 and Logic), but as a commercial studio that's likely a non-starter for you.

In short, why put up with Avid's crap any longer? Pull the plug and rid yourself of their drama.