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I record (and provide the "live-stream" audio mix) for a large church performance every Christmas season. This year, I went with my "standard" main array, a Gefell M296 pair, at about 80cm (staging precluded a closer deployment) and 9' over the stage deck, and three DPA4099 choir section mics (L/C/R) for the 270-degree "wraparound" choir seating.

Normally, congregational singing and "house" ambience is taken from a pair of C451 bolted to the edge at the balcony facing... harsh, boomy and nasty sounding from 60' out. This year I decided to try something different.

I gaff-taped a MKH8040 to each omni, with the M296 looking at the choir, and 8040 looking at the audience, buffered from the M296 by a small bit of foam. Boy, was I pleased. Clean, full, "natural" sounding crowd noise, singing and applause, in almost exactly the same timeframe as the mains. I'm just getting around to editing the "board mix" I sent to the video suite for the live feed... but I'll try to post a bit up before the weekend. I heard more positive comments about the "sound" from both staff and folks watching at home than any previous attempts to better the little Audix PA mics upon which they usually rely.

This was one of my best bits of seasonal feel-good this year. Pics (array, and "understage" CR) below.


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