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I've been buying synthesizers and similar for well over 35yrs now, and have probably spent enough on my hobby to buy a small house. I can understand why people feel that Uli is in some way ripping other brands off, but really he's just being open about a practice that has always existed.

Realistic and the MG-1, Alesis Midiverb/Quadraverb were just the poor man's PCM60/70, - they even used the same colour scheme, Doepfer MS-404 was a 303 substitute as was the novation bass-station, and let's not forget their Drum Station which was essentially an attempt to create an 808/909 in one, Studio Electronics had their MidiMoog and ATC and just look at all their BoomStar gear, Arp stole Moogs filter design, the Octave Cat was based on the Arp Odyssey, - and how many
Eurocrack modules are based on designs of yesteryear? The list is endless really.

I feel one of the things that really rattles people's cages is the fact that Uli is doing it so well, and for so little, that he is lifting the veil of elitism that has come to rise over recent years. As someone who's retired and finds money tight, having this last chance to lose myself in the sonic possibilities of the synthesizers that got away really is something I didntbfeel was ever going to happen. For the last 30+ years all the big names have had ample time to give the professionals, and the consumers, what they wanted, and to a large degree, they didn't. I like the Boutiques, don't like the Volcas', I like Doepfer and the reasonably priced eurocrack, but refuse to buy from brands that, now have had massive success, refuse to pass that success on to the customer.

I'm more a sound and substance junkie, than a musician and, "producer", - a word that seems to have lost all meaning since the inception of social media btw, but still I'm extremely grateful that Uli is passing on his success to the customer, consumer, professional musician, whatever. Like I've said else where I only currently own the K2, but I will be buying more Behringer this year for sure.

There's always going to be those for and those against, - but when those against do finally get down off their moral high horses, and realise just how long others, like myself, have been shafted and extorted by big name companies, and some small, for sometimes subpar products that don't deliver what they promise... well, perhaps then we can talk about morals...

Until then, ~ love to ALL, feel no hate.