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sickly chorus on ibanez / maxon UE400 rack

Hello slutz.
I have an issue with an ibanez/maxon rack efx unit. Model UE400. Mono version.
The chorus section sounds like a dying cat. The oscillation is uneven. It barely oscillates, then at the end of the cycle it spikes up. The second issue is that even at full depth, the cycle is very shallow. The depth sounds like at 30% of what the depth sounds on an average chorus pedal
Are there any trim pots that can rectify this behaviour on the pcb?

Here's an audioclip of the issue.

The other modules work fine. flanger, phaser. The oscillators on those sound fine.

The schematic for that section is attached as well
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slickly chorus on ibanez / maxon UE400 rack-ue400-sc.jpg   slickly chorus on ibanez / maxon UE400 rack-ibanez-ue400-switches-inside.jpg