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[. . .] What method would you use in this scenario? [. . .]
For inspiration, listen to Joni Mitchell and eschew The Eagles [1]?

It sounds to me from your description like you are making progress. However, you just may need to put more time/effort into lyrics. . .and it may be that collaboration with a lyricist is a reasonable solution.

Very difficult problems are interesting. . .as well as how our minds subconsciously work them out. Here is one tactic:

1. Articulate as best you can the problem you are having with the tune, or some section of it. Get to really know the problem very well - even if the solution seems impossible.

2. Move away from your own work to look at art, movies, literature, etc.

3. Go to sleep, and don't worry about it. But have something handy to write on - so that when you wake up if an answer [or partial answer] has come, you won't lose it forever. It is particularly useful to have something that you write on even if you are in the shower.

Answers to impossible problems often come more quickly than one would expect following this or similar tactics. However, some creative work just takes months or more of effort. Don't give up!

Hope this helps,

Ray H.

[1] No disrespect intended, I like both.