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Old 1st January 2020
RCA SAGG-024 amp schematic needed!

I dunno why RCA schems are so tough to come by. But this ones no different. I can't find anything.

Right at the power cap cans somebody cut the diodes (cer71) which i replaced with 1n4007. There was also a little resistor i had to resolder, but i really need the schem to be sure everything went back right.

All the transistors test ok. The hfe ranges are all over though. 80-120ish. I need a replacement for AO232 which im also having trouble finding.

When i brought it up on the lightbulb limiter the first time, the diodes to the system were cut, so i got no short there. Putting the diodes and resistor back in i get a big bright bulb (short)

Any help would be great!
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