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Depends on the trigger. Most use a stereo cable, but I mainly work with Roland style triggers that use the rim switch note# system. That system uses one line for the trigger, and another for the "Switch" that decides when you intended to hit the rim instead of the head.

Depending on the brain, can split the stereo to two mono and use with two "Mono" triggers.

Here is the problem with realtime E-drums:

Electricity for practical purpose is the speed of light

So a signal doing down a wire does not have lag or degradation issues until you talk about 100'+- and can get bad past 200'

But here is the chain I have for lag in real time drumming:

Trigger brain wan't time decide how load the trigger was hit 3ms
Midi out the drum brain to the computer 0.5ms
Daw takes MIDI routs to the Softsynth(BFD3) 0.2ms
Softsynths wants time for it's own tricks and mix 1ms
Daw wants time to mix the signals 1ms
OS wants buffers to make computer run smooth 64 samples
Any delay compensation add to the issue 0-? samples
Convert signal from digital to analog. 1ms for me, some cards take 10ms

When you hear a signal each ms is about the same as 1' of distance away the source sounds. a drum set can be 10' wide, so 5ms is about the accetable limit to make drums feel good. Use sounds out of a brain,, that does it. Use sounds out of a computer,,,,better have a sound card that works in 1 ms. The triggers want over half of that 5ms just to decide how loud they have been hit. Leaving you with 2ms for everything MIDI and Audio related to still feel good.