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I have just bought myself a PT 2019 New Plan/reinstatement as an upgrade from PT10... What plugins are included in PT 2019 Perpetual, and stays when the new support plan expires?

Are there a list of included plugins somewhere?

PS. My plan is to not start using (or to install) plugins that will expire with the support plan... I am all for staying with the perpetual license.

Sorry for what may be some stupid questions, but many things have changed since I used PT 9/10...

Is it any easier to keep up with PT, their update and ownership regime? Or is it a mess?

Thanks in advance
pretty simple ... when you load up Pro Tools thats what you get !!!

any of the Guitar Pedals Avid has or possibly Avid Pro Limiter & Pro Compressor .. the Falcon UVI stoped working for me .. thought they gave that one to us .. oh well