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A rapper heard me mixing another artist’s track and got mad because he liked the artist’s instrumental better than the one I made for him.

He demanded we use the other artist’s instrumental and re-record everything with it or else he wasn’t “feeling this spot” any more.

I explained that we don’t do business this way. He walked out really pissed off and called me later last night to tell me we don’t believe in him as an artist and that we are playing him.

Kind of sad cause I want all my artists to feel like I’m invested in their music and careers. Guy was kind of a brat about it though.
People like that never succeed because they never grow, they just spend their lives blaming everyone around them when things don’t work out. You lost some money, but you dodged a torrential downpour of crap that you would have had to deal with on a daily basis from that guy. Nothing you ever do will be good enough for someone like that. You’re absolutely right, what a brat...