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Can the "Parts" at the top be edited? Seems like a no-brainer feature but I haven't found a way to change when they begin and end or add and remove parts. Also, the UI/navigation is very clunky on this. For instance, if I just want to zoom in on a custom range, there doesn't seem to be a good way to do this. Why can't I just zoom in and out of the waveform or a draw a zoom marquee? For instance, it had a hard time recognizing the tempo of a particular song, and it was hard to "draw my own measure" in order to get the tempo re-calibrated because of the zoom restrictions. It would've been easier to just let me first create a custom zoom selection, or place markers at the beat locations.

Otherwise, it works pretty well while being far from perfect. Some things translate very well, others a bit less so, but it'll help get in the ballpark very quickly.