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Old 30th December 2019
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Trigger cable length - does it matter?


I currently have a Roland TR-09 and am looking into getting the Roland SH-01a, mainly for its ability to use the internal sequencer, triggered from the TR-09. My question is about the cable type needed, to hook the two up together.

My current setup isn't the most ideal and the TR-09 and the SH-01a, will not be directly beside each other. From reading around, I understand the cable needs to be a mono 3.5mm/1/8", but does length matter? Some of the pictures and videos I see, have the cables looking really short in length, since the units are side by side, but this will not work for me and I think I will need a cable at least 3+ft in length.

Will using a cable that is too long, have any issues because of this? I am afraid of voltage/signal strength not being clean enough to keep the two units stable together and am also afraid that there may be timing issues, in keeping things in sync tightly, if the trigger cable is too long?

What is the consensus on this? What is the recommended and max length for the trigger cable and is there anything else I need to know in type of cable to use? Is there a special type, gauge, or manufacturer to look into?

If anyone has any links to exact cable that are good to use for the trigger, I would really appreciate it.

Thanks for so much any time and effort in replying to this message.